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ZERO and wings on ukx
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 Zero application

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PostSubject: Zero application   Zero application EmptyThu Feb 21, 2008 10:14 am

Hi there i would llike to join the alliance here is a bit about me:
I have 830pop
Two Villages:
The Farmyard: 583 (17|51)
The Pig Sty : 247 (17|50)
Third village coming very soon.

My army is:
1 Hero
1 Phalanx
750 Swordsmen
3 Pathfinders
95 Theutates Thunders
50 Haeduans
15 Battering Rams
25 Trebuchets
More men are to be built soon.
I have experience of playing server1,3,4 aswell.
I hope this is good enough for the alliance.
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Zero application
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