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ZERO and wings on ukx
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Application Empty
PostSubject: Application   Application EmptyThu Feb 28, 2008 12:12 pm

Name In-game: Supereinus

Pop: 488 writing moment, increases fast

Troops: got an army on 798 crop writing moment, getting a 15c tomorow, and then I will get a lot more.

Place on Map: SE, -,+ (-134, 42) and have found me a good place around -262, 204

expierience: I have played this game since the first german server was published, have played in the end game before restart on this server, in Apollo alliance. played in the end game on DK, in the winning alliance, and was in the winning alliance on the norwegian server which ended yesterday. I have been on top 20 on nearly every server, exept this server, but I will get there soon Razz

Other info: I am a male on 19 year, my hobby is basketball, snowboard and computer in general. I live in Norway and I'm still a student so I will be very active in this game.

I am not a farm, besides, I farm every around me, exept Klabuster and SK2

Earlier alliances: Fear N-B, this alliance invited me because of the troops, but I left because I saw that every single person in the alliance was a farm, except me. this alliance is now called BMO

I also got expierience with with forum and some expierince with mIRC
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Application Empty
PostSubject: Zero A   Application EmptyThu Feb 28, 2008 12:14 pm

I want to get into Zero A if it is possible. If you got a place for me in a better Zero alliance I gladly take the chance
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