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 Applying for Zero

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Applying for Zero Empty
PostSubject: Applying for Zero   Applying for Zero EmptySat Mar 15, 2008 6:27 pm

Hi all,

Just pressed back up and lost all what i spent ages typing so if this is a bit short, its because im far too tired to write it all again.,

Well ive been playing for about 2 months now, and am doing quite well, and will start doing alot better very soon, i have experienced the server now and am starting to play it properly,

Had a couple wars otherwise my stuff would be bigger but oh well i will post where im at.

Culture Points - Total 3036 per day 5/7 slots.

Your villages have produced 66820 culture points so far. To found or conquer a new village, you need 46900 culture points.

--- Enough Culture for 2 more villages which i will be aquiring via chiefs, shame one is only 100 pop and the other merely 400 pop, but there vital to my development where i want to develop.

Villages: 7
Population: 3468
Name Population Coordinates
[111]Fire City 902 (-26|82)
[112]Earth City 824 (-27|82)
[114]The Farm 608 (-92|191)
[115]Water City (Capital) 452 (-99|192)
[116]City of Gold 370 (-97|189)
[117]Diamond City 185 (-94|193)
[118]Ruby City 127 (-96|191)

Troop's Total 5877 3721 582 402 35 0 55 235 0 0 1

Did have 8k phalanx and 7k swords but i killed a few off Razz, dont worry they will be back soon enough bigger than ever.

Mainly i am applying for the Main Zero Alliance, the one with The Traveller in. But i will also consider joinging a smaller wing because i do aqknowedge that my pop/troops are a little low compared to some other elite Zero members.

thanks for reading my application, Ian.
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Applying for Zero
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