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 Joining Zero2

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PostSubject: Joining Zero2   Joining Zero2 EmptySat Mar 22, 2008 5:55 am

Hi i my name is Harpinger.

I would like to join Zero2 beacasue i feel i could help it and it could help me.

Im in the Northwest area.
I am a team player and will send troops resource to others in the Alliance if they need it.
I have a pop of 1202 should be 1260+ by the end of the day.
I am a gaul and can build around 300-500 troops a day in my capital another 300+ in my other vilages.

Currently i am in the alliance TheOri but i dont feel that its realy much of a team Alliance any more so im not enjoying it as much.

Other reasons why:

in my 7x7 is Carla Bruni (Zero)
and i have work a bit with her

well thats realy all to be fair
hope its good enought

thank you Harpinger.
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Joining Zero2
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