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sir marc

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PostSubject: Membership Application   Membership Application EmptyTue Apr 15, 2008 6:46 am

I would like to apply to join the Alliance. I am very active, approx 4-6hrs everyday. I have experience on Speed & Server2 since December. I have good defense and attack strategies and wish to join an alliance which is active and growing where I can expand and be part of a proud force.

My main objective is to wittness the arrival of the Nattars. I believe I have skill and experience which will benefit the alliance when accepted.

Awaiting your response with anticipation.

Sir Marcus

(Pop 1179) (2 Villages)
Scooter Ville & Scooter Terrace
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PostSubject: Re: Membership Application   Membership Application EmptySun Apr 20, 2008 10:43 am


I am JayChid

I have loads of experience and i am fairly active everyday almost 6-8 hours everyday

my previous alliances are: SPQR-VVT

I have had a fall out with SPQR so i am currently looking for an alliance. i am always loyal in terms of attacks and reniforcements and i am not a farm.

i hope that my application is good enough to be accepted , and could you please message me to my JayChid travian account thankyou
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Membership Application
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